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Essential Placenta Services

Traditional Method (TM) Encapsulation

Inspired by Traditional Chinese Medicine, the “Traditional Method” involves cleaning and then steaming the placenta with a blend of grounding and tonifying ingredients to promote deeper absorption, prior to dehydration and encapsulation.

Steaming the placenta aligns with the TCM belief that women’s qi (energy) is depleted after giving birth, and nourishing the body with warming, tonifying nutrients promote re-balance and recovery. The Materia Medica states that the placenta promotes qi absorption, supplements the mother’s essence, and nourishes the blood. It is believed in TCM that women are depleted of qi following birth and that they give their own life essence in bringing a child into the world. Some women prefer this method, as steaming reduces bacteria and allows for a slower, gentler release of hormones.

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Raw Method Encapsulation

The Raw Method for encapsulation skips the steaming step, resulting in what some consider to be a more “potent” effect compared to the Traditional Method. Dehydrating raw placenta can preserve the “essence” of the placenta and its enzymes while steaming can destroy them. More of the placenta’s hormonal content remains in RM capsules when compared to TM capsules.

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